Back To Basics For A Fitter Lifestyle

The 21st century civilisation is an advanced one. Looking around you, this should be fairly obvious seeing as how at least 80% of people are at any given time hooked onto some sort of technical device. Extended working hours, non-stop meetings and family life means that our days no longer fit into 24 hours. However, whilst we seem to put in meticulous care into making sure these areas are all in order, when it comes to ourselves it is a different story altogether. In fact, there has been a drastic change in our health and well-being which is quite dangerous. You see, we are expending far more energy than we have and as a result slowly but surely, deteriorating faster than we should be. So what gives? Get back to basics and start a change.


It may seem absurd to remind this ‘advanced civilisation’ about the importance of one of their most basic needs, but given the current state of affairs it is mandatory. Sleep seems to be somewhat of a luxury lately when it should not be. Just like any other machine, your body too needs plenty of rest to recuperate. This does not mean getting some decent shut-eye during the weekend alone, it means maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern throughout the week. 8 hours is recommended as you know, but a majority are just barely squeezing in 6. The long-term repercussions are detrimental to your fitness trainer Hong Kong and health so make it a point to prioritise and break up your day.


Ordering in pizza on a Friday night with your family, friends or significant other is perfectly alright. Not everyday though. We are just swarmed with all sorts of fast-food options which are booming thanks to their convenience and addictive taste. This is how childhood obesity became a thing. Fried, burgers, pizzas, sweets and sodas are some of your worst enemies and should be steered clear of as much as possible. Indulging every now and then is okay, because well you are human after all, but make sure that your main diet consists of all the good, natural stuff. Everything in moderation.


To spell it out, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. None of these are good in any way. A glass of wine occasionally does you no harm, in fact it has been recommended by some health experts however downing 5 shots of tequila in 15 minutes is not. Excessive drinking causes a lot of damage inside your body from affecting your liver and kidneys to your heart. The effects of smoking need not be re-iterated what with intense campaigns being run around the world and drugs are completely out of the question. All of these weaken your body and will most definitely ruin any sort of goals you have with regards to your Hong Kong pilates.


Obviously it is without a doubt important to take care of your physical self, but more recently mental health has been in the spotlight as depression and anxiety have been rising around the world in truly concerning levels. Stress is the number one factor to a declining lifestyle as people though employed and earning an income are far less happy than they used to be. Seeing as how more than 8 hours in front of a screen rooted to one position all day is not the human way, this is hardly surprising. Make sure you take a walk every so often at work, join a Yoga class perhaps and most importantly do try meditation. Its effects have been lauded globally and many schools are beginning to incorporate it too which positive results. A healthy mind is a healthy body so strive to maintain that balance.